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  1. TobyWanKenobi
    TobyWanKenobi SirLeoMap
    Hi SirLeoMap, you free for a call this week? We can do one over Zoom/ Teams if that works for you. I'm free pretty much most evenings for a call.
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  2. CapitalActuary
    What on earth am I meant to put here. Will anyone actually read this?
  3. Jammy
    Jammy amcyp13
    Hello amcyp13,

    From your forum activity, it seems we are in the same boat - considering the FAP alternative to CP1.

    Could we discuss this further? I had a few quick questions.

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    2. amcyp13
      Hi Jammy

      Sure - do you want to share your contact details with me?

      Feb 15, 2021
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    3. Jammy
      I have sent you a message on this
      Feb 17, 2021
  4. Jammy
    Jammy MP3
    Hello MP3,

    I'm evaluating the FAP alternative to CA1 and it seems you have taken this route successfully.

    Could I shoot you some quick questions?

  5. amcyp13
    amcyp13 MP3
    Hi MP3,
    I saw your post regarding the FAP modules of SOA and would like to reach out to you to discuss.
    Would you be interested?
  6. Bakari Ojiambo
    Bakari Ojiambo
    Aspiring actuary
    1. craig wood
      craig wood
      how to add a new post cant post?
      Nov 12, 2020
  7. Jammy
    Jammy Dar_Shan0209
    Hey Darshan. I'm studying for SP7 Sept attempt too. How is your prep progressing?
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    2. Jiten Bhatia
      Jiten Bhatia
      Hello. I am also studying for SP7. I would be interested to join your study group if it is still ongoing. Thanks.
      Aug 19, 2020
  8. thaikashaikh
    thaikashaikh AlexLky
    Hey Alex saw your various posts. Seems like central US or Mexico. Here from US as well. Guess we got the short end of the stick with relates to the timing of the exam
  9. MorePaninis
    MorePaninis Esteban Capparelli
    Hello, I would like to join the group study.
  10. shrenik bhekare
  11. r_v.s
    Happily Qualified!!!
  12. pyuille_1609
    The heights of great men were not attained through sudden flight but they while their companions slept ere toiling upwards through the night
  13. Ashu
    Ashu Hemant Rupani
    Basically i am in big confused about the procedure of cs2b examination
    Q- where we have to submit?
    Q-we have to write our answer in word or wps writer?
    Q- how should i prepare for this
    Q- is there any internet use?
    1. Hemant Rupani
      Hemant Rupani
      Feb 5, 2019
  14. Geraldine
    Just one more exam and THAT. IS. IT. DONE for life.. C'MON!
  15. Vince Chiko
    Vince Chiko
    our regrets are in the things we haven't tried .
  16. Hetvi
    Hetvi Hemant Rupani

    I will be done with my graduation by April 2018 in BSc Applied Statistics and Analytics from NMIMS University, Mumbai, India.
    I will be done with 6 papers by then. So what companies should I approach to? A few names would be really helpful.
    Also, when should I ideally start approaching companies if i want to start working by May 2018? And what package should I expect while joining?

    Thank you in advance.
    1. Hemant Rupani
      Hemant Rupani
      Look out for list of insurers from IRDAI website, and apply to all, ideally after you'll complete your final exams awaiting results. And try to consulting/KPO also. eg WNS, WTW, Mercer

      Package: around 4-5 lpa
      Jul 27, 2017
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    SURESH SHARMA Hemant Rupani
    Pl help no reply from forum

    how Pij(t+h) = ∑ pik (t) pkj (h) = pij(t) + h ∑ pik (t) µkj + o (h)
    as per my understanding:
    Pij(t+h) = ∑ pik (t) pkj (h) --(1)
    From ch 5 equation 5.7 which is as follows :
    pij(h) = {h µij + o (h) if i not equal to j and is 1+ h µij + o (h) if i = j
    now we can substitute it in equation 1
    Pij(t+h) = ∑ pik (t) pkj (h)
    = ∑ pik (t) µkj + o (h)
    pl. Provide steps after this
    1. Hemant Rupani
      Hemant Rupani
      Please excuse o(h) terms for this comment only, but mention in exam.

      =sum{Pik(t)Pkj(h)} ... Note: in sum all possible k.
      =Pij(t)Pjj(h)+sum{Pik(t)Pkj(h)} ... Note: in sum k !=j. [A]

      Now you know Pjj(h)=1+h*mu(jj) and Pkj(h)=h*mu(kj)

      Now put in above in [A].
      You'll get =Pij(t)*(1+h*mu(jj))+sum{Pik(t)*h*mu(kj)} ... Note: k != j

      =Pij(t)+sum{Pik(t)*h*mu(kj)} ... Note: for all possible k.
      Jun 16, 2017
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  18. NikitaMBM
    Be yourself, Better yourself :)
  19. CorkActuary
    Let the fox see the hare
  20. Bharti Singla
    Bharti Singla
    Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.
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  21. Bharti Singla
    Bharti Singla
    "Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to be the same"
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