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Experience has shown us that many students who have a Subject CT3 exemption run into trouble when studying the later CT exams, particularly Subjects CT4 and CT6.

These exams assume knowledge of topics such as moment generating functions and maximum likelihood estimation.  Students who studied statistics a while ago (for example in their first year of university) find that they have forgotten the required level of detail.  These students can struggle to work through some chapters of other CT subjects.

ActEd has created the Stats Refresher online classroom to help these students refresh their knowledge of the key statistical concepts needed in order to improve their chances of success in the later CT subject exams.

It consists of 64 bitesize (3-15 minute) pre-recorded tutorials that can be watched as needed.  The topic areas covered include:

  • probability (incl. Bayes theorem)
  • random variables (incl. mean, variance and skewness)
  • probability distributions (incl. lognormal)
  • normal approximations (incl. the Central Limit Theorem)
  • generating functions
  • conditional moments
  • compound distributions
  • estimation (incl. moments, maximum likelihood and least squares)
  • statistical inference (incl. confidence intervals and hypothesis tests)
  • linear correlation and regression

A document detailing which units are required for each of Subjects CT4, 5, 6 and 8 is available here and in the online classroom.  This allows you to watch only the units that are relevant to the exams you are studying.

In addition each video unit has a table of contents so you can skip over sections if you are confident with them. Try out this demo video on the properties of estimators to see it for yourself:

Your PC needs to have Adobe Flashplayer installed to view the demo. If it isn't already installed, you’ll be prompted to download the software when you click the demo link (or please download directly from

You will be able to access the Stats Refresher Online Classroom for 12 months from the date your order is processed. 

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