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ActEd Tutorials
Influence where ActEd offers tutorials for the September/October 2015 exams More info >>
NEW! – SA2 Flashcards
Flashcards are now available in subject SA2. More info >>
Short guide to choosing study materials
We've produced a short guide to choosing and using your study materials for the actuarial exams. More info >>
Tutorials for the April 2015 Exams
The Tuition Bulletin for tutorials leading up to the April 2015 exams is now available. More info >>
New Subject CA1 Series X marking options
We are offering some alternative series marking products in Subject CA1 this exam session. More info >>
Live Online Tutorials
If you prefer some live interaction with a tutor but are unable to attend a face-to-face tutorial. More info >>
Certified Actuarial Analyst
Our parent company, BPP Actuarial Education, is producing study resources for students studying the new Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification. More info >>
Online Classroom now available in all CT Subjects, CA1, CA2, CA3, ST2 and ST5
The Online Classroom is an exciting new approach to studying for the actuarial exams. More info >>
Subject CA2 Tutorials
We now offer a Preparation Day designed to help pass the CA2 exam (delivered face-to-face or live online).
More info >>
Subject CA3 Tutorials
New dates available for the CA3 Preparation Day tutorials and CA3 Mock Exam days. More info >>
Information for the 2015 exams
For information regarding April 2015 exams. More info >>
MyTest – free demo now available
MyTest, our new online revision product, is now available in Subjects CT1, CT2, CT7, CA1, ST2, ST4, ST5
and SA2. More info >>
FAC, StatsPack, Course Notes as well as CMPs and Flashcards are now available in eBook format More info >>